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Lumps Gone

October 19, 2020

Yep, those lumps from two posts ago are gone after a dose of doxyrubicin. They went down slowly, but after 3 weeks I can’t feel them at all. In Devo’s oncologist’s words: “Good for her!” She wasn’t too bothered by the chemo and we had a second dose last week. We know it’s temporary but we’re encouraged that she responded so well.

Her eye is still swollen and sight in that eye is gone from the cancer induced glaucoma. We need to watch the pressure and are still dialing the right eye meds. Acupuncture has been working too. It helps me to jokingly think of her as Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter! Or imagine that she’s got one eye on us and one on the other side.

So for now, we’re enjoying the Fall and happy that she’s happy to keep hanging out with us 🙂

2 Responses to “Lumps Gone”

  1. jerry said:

    Yeah! You guys zapped those suckers! Take THAT cancer! YOU LOSE!

    Nice to see ya Devo, glad life is being good to you.

  2. dingdong said:

    I love you, Devo.

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