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Lumps Gone

October 19, 2020

Yep, those lumps from two posts ago are gone after a dose of doxyrubicin. They went down slowly, but after 3 weeks I can’t feel them at all. In Devo’s oncologist’s words: “Good for her!” She wasn’t too bothered by the chemo and we had a second dose last week. We know it’s temporary but […]

A Confusing Turn of Events

September 26, 2020

Well it seems Devo’s chemo is not controlling her cancer growth. 10 days ago she had a red painful eye that turned out to be uveitis from cancer cells blocking her eye ducts and circulation. Luckily steroid drops eased the pain right away. It is still red but doesn’t seem to hurt. She doesn’t see […]

2 Months!

September 11, 2020

Devo is doing so well on three legs! Around 5 / 6 weeks she really came into her own and it is such a joy to see. She’s figured out her new geometry and started rolling in the grass, scampering, and generally getting back to herself. Pre-surgery her greatest joy was running like a maniac […]

Our Honeymoon

August 8, 2020

Devo is doing so well. Her energy and playfulness are back. She figured out how to shake off, how to stretch a la downward dog, and how to sit while begging for food from the table! Second dose of chemo (cytoxan) was this week and it seems fine so far. We found a great holistic […]

Devo is seeming so much more herself this past week. Today is 18 days post op. Stitches are out, chemo is started, off all pain meds. We went to the beach for the first time as a tripawd family. It was bittersweet for me — she’s still healing and gets tired so easily. I don’t […]